Construction News and Articles of Interest

  • Wacker Trash Water Pump

    Wacker Water Pumps

    Wacker has submersible pumps designed to handle water and solids. Choose between single and three phase pumps that are lightweight and portable. All of the submersible pumps from Wacker are built for the demands of construction, mining, municipality and farm applications.
  • Manual Grout Pump

    Kenrich Grout Pumps

    Kenrich grout pumps are easy to operate, with minimal maintenance required. This grout pump is designed to pump most types of cementitious grout (not for epoxy-type grouts) and makes an ideal tool for placing grout anywhere that high pressure is not required. It is very lightweight and compact.
  • Gas Scarifiers

    EDCO Gas Scarifiers

    EDCO Push Scarifiers, aka Planers and Milling Machines, can level, clean, and texture concrete surfaces. They repair common slab problems like curled joints, unevenness, sidewalk trip hazards, and weather damage. Gas Scarifiers remove contaminates, epoxy, paint, traffic lines, and so much more.
  • Tuck Pointing Gun

    Quikpoint Mortar Gun

    The Quikpoint Mortar gun has excellent mortar penetration and uses all standard U.B.C. and pre-mixed pointing mortars. Specially designed nozzle with 3 interchangeable steel tips, rotates for horizontal and vertical joints. Vibrator fed auger drive assures constant mortar bead. Quick clean up by simply flushing with water.