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At ConstructionComplete it is easy to find and save on construction heater units, cement truss screeds, steel concrete forms, rebar tier guns and even trusted brands like Imer saw, paver saw blades, rebar bender cutters, curb concrete forms and great sales on grout pump machines. Installing plastic concrete forms on any construction job site with the help of a concrete bucket is easy when using our mortar and concrete mixers. If you are not sure which model tent heater, tile saw or Imer mixer is right for your company just let us know! We are happy to help you select the perfect Crown mixer along with other popular concrete mixer and cement mixer models in stock and ready to ship. Be sure to ask about factory warranties on rebar cutter and block saw brands available now in many power types and size offerings online.

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  • Wacker Trash Water Pump

    Wacker Water Pumps

    Wacker has submersible pumps designed to handle water and solids. Choose between single and three phase pumps that are lightweight and portable. All of the submersible pumps from Wacker are built for the demands of construction, mining, municipality and farm applications.
  • Manual Grout Pump

    Kenrich Grout Pumps

    Kenrich grout pumps are easy to operate, with minimal maintenance required. This grout pump is designed to pump most types of cementitious grout (not for epoxy-type grouts) and makes an ideal tool for placing grout anywhere that high pressure is not required. It is very lightweight and compact.
  • Gas Scarifiers

    EDCO Gas Scarifiers

    EDCO Push Scarifiers, aka Planers and Milling Machines, can level, clean, and texture concrete surfaces. They repair common slab problems like curled joints, unevenness, sidewalk trip hazards, and weather damage. Gas Scarifiers remove contaminates, epoxy, paint, traffic lines, and so much more.
  • Tuck Pointing Gun

    Quikpoint Mortar Gun

    The Quikpoint Mortar gun has excellent mortar penetration and uses all standard U.B.C. and pre-mixed pointing mortars. Specially designed nozzle with 3 interchangeable steel tips, rotates for horizontal and vertical joints. Vibrator fed auger drive assures constant mortar bead. Quick clean up by simply flushing with water.


When working on custom flatwork on concrete pouring jobsites make sure to have pleanty of steel stakes for both steel and plastic flatwork form. Find lots of great deals on equipment shipped factory direct to your door like grout pumps, cement truss screeds, concrete mixers, bender tools, rebar cutters, rebar cuts and bending products like electric powered cutters. Be sure to view how cutting rebar is so much easier with owing the right tools and products. Rebar cutters are a must have tool when installing insulating forms and other form systems for concrete foundations.


Concrete curb and gutter forms are so much more reliable and easier to set up than traditional wood boards. Reuse steel concrete forms over and over again on your next concrete curb and gutter project. At Construction Complete you can see a full line up of DOT rated curb / gutter form sets. Available in both straight and radius flex forms, it is easy to shop for concrete curb forms with a click of a button online. Check out our complete selection of plastic poly concrete forms too. Poly curb forms are available up to 12 inches in height. They are great for patio walkways, driveways and even pull deck concrete pours.


Popular brand sites to keep in mind include Shark Pressure Washer Parts for all of your Karcher Shark pressure washer needs. Another exciting new line up new brand name site to consider would be MBM Shredder Parts for your MBM paper shredder needs, Kobra Shredder Parts for all of your Kobra paper shredder wants and Oztec Concrete Vibrator Parts to fix up all you worn Oztec vibrator units. Oh and do not forget the ever popular Crown concrete mortar mixer parts.