Fox Concrete Vibrators and Screeds by Enar

Enarco was founded in 1964, and from its very beginning, the company has designed, prepared and commercialized all its products under the ENAR brand. From its very outset, it has manufactured pneumatic tools of renowned quality and has developed this product line with its own technology, focusing on the domestic market and on the United Kingdom. It was then that pneumatic, pendulum and motor-in-head concrete vibrators became a part of the ENAR range, as well as vibrating screeds for paving surfaces.
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Its new activity was focused on the market of vibration applied to construction technology and more specifically, to vibration of concrete. Through its development in the market, Enarco has positioned itself as a specialist in concrete vibration equipment, such as concrete vibrator heads, creating commercial networks in the 5 continents and establishing subsidiary companies in France, Mexico, Poland and China. Browse our Fox Enar concrete vibrators below.
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