Insero Equipment Indirect Heater

Insero Equipment leverages engineering expertise to design industrial equipment for the construction marketplace. Integrated with world-renowned CAT components, Insero Equipment is built to endure the toughest jobsite challenges. These Insero indirect fired heaters for sale are just like your home oil or gas furnace with a chimney if you think about it. With propane LP or natural gas NG heating models, the fire flame is contained in a burning chamber which then heats a heat exchanger unit.
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That is when the cooler air moves over and around the super heater heat exchanger in turn heating the air. Many benefits to consider include 100% clean, dry air that can easily be used on a job site because the air being blown out of the heater never comes in direct contact with the flame. The built in thermostats control the heat output and can operate in tightly sealed spaces with no problem. The best part is that indirect fired heaters do not release carbon dioxide into the area being heater so it is safe for all. Keep in mind that direct and indirect fired construction heaters are used for very specific applications. Usually direct fired heaters are used on construction job sites, outdoor and vented applications, and even warehouses. Heater designs like indirect fired heaters are many times used in a tightly sealed and human occupied work spaces and tents where the additional heating is needed.
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