Concrete Saw, Cement Cutting Asphalt Saws

Rely on your trusty concrete saws for all of your floor and road cutting applications. For indoor or outdoor applications we have the right flat saw for you. . Therefore, to cut deep into concrete with river rock or heavy rebar you need concrete saws. Our walk-behind concrete saws for sale are available in either push or self propelled drive types and with power options that range from gas, diesel, electric to even hydraulic and air pneumatic powered.
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Diamond saws use a diamond blade from 8" to up to 56" in diameter. Popular brands like Husqvarana, Core Cut, EDCO, MK Diamond and Norton Clipper make up most of the trusted names in the highway cutting industry.
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There are lots of names for walk behind concrete saws, like consaw, road or asphalt saw. They are by nature powerful tools to cut up roads and concrete surfaces for contractors. These flat saws are available in electric, but it may be powered by gasoline, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure too. The saws uses diamond blades to cut through these very hard materials. When cutting concrete there is significant friction generated in the cut of hard substances like concrete and it normally requires the blades to be cooled by large amounts of water to prolong diamond blade life and reduce silica dust.

Keep in mind concrete saws should always be Powerful, reliable and easy to start on the job site. These powerful cement saws or power cutters are tough and guaranteed reliable. This range of concrete saw machines will enable you to work in the hardest conditions, withstanding climate and even fuel variations. If you’re not a contractor or construction site builder, odds are you aren’t going to have a need for a concrete saw. If you are a contractor or do have a need for a very high quality walk-behind concrete saw, you are definitely in the right place. Checkout all the models featured online in one of the largest selection of asphalt concrete saws on the market. Find prices than just can’t be beat. On top of having the best prices on flat saws, we will include free shipping on most all the models.

At you will see a full range of walk-behind asphalt saws. From push to self propelled and even ride on concrete road saws – we have it all. Keep in mind that a lightweight design might be best for the general contractor doing patchwork, or even a heavy-duty diesel for the professional highway cutting jobs that need it. Flat saws can easily cut anything from runways to driveways and everything in between. Many of the designs featured are set for high production and job site ease of maintenance. Be sure to chose self-propelled or push depending on your needs. Keep in mind that concrete saws are very powerful and mostly used for cutting cement, as the name suggests. You can even use flat saws in applications that require cutting through hard stone, tile, and very dense stone materials. Note that if you’re going to be concrete cutting in tight or difficult areas that require more precise cuts, a smaller handheld concrete saw would be a better suggestion. Large format walk behind saws are better suited towards cutting pavement or concrete flooring.