Paver Splitters, Hydraulic Block Splitter

Hydraulic block Splitters, also known as Block Cutters or even Guillotine block splitters are a critical piece of kit for most professional paving contractors, especially those heavily involved with the installation of block paving. These machines can also be used for the Do it Yourself type of person, especially if you are looking for a designer, natural look to your stone. If you do, we recommend the use of paver splitters.
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They are are easier than a paver saw and can be used for splitting pavers, bricks and even block. Brick splitters are great cause they are easy to set up, require no electric and it is quiet to work around them.
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To save time and costs when it comes to cutting paving materials, first place must look to are block and paver splitters. They are easy and simple to use, require only the most basic of training to use, have no lethal moving parts to cause injury, generate basically no dust, are a easy to transport and can be used on a wide variety of paving brick types. They come in many different sizes, offering multiple cutting thicknesses capable of handling materials from brick, block, retaining wall blocks, flagstones, and various jaw opening sizes for units. We offer a full range of brick splitters from brands like Belle Group, Bon Tool, BlockShear and Kraft Tool.

Block splitters are an essential piece of equipment for most paving contractors. When using a splitter, a block can be placed onto the machine and split accurately in approximately 3-5 seconds with very minimal dust. They also come in a range of different sizes to accommodate your every need. There blades are made of hardened steel so there is no need for replacement blades. It also provides a wide wheel base for easy splitting on rough terrain. Concrete block splitters are the best choice for the environment because they make it easy to cut paving without creating dust and no need to change blades on a regular basis. They are the best choice for your pockets as well.