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See all types of tile flooring tools and tiling equipment with a wide selection of tile saws and tile cutters. There are many options of carpet seaming irons and carpet kickers to pick from. Get your tile grouting job done faster with a time saving grout clean up sponge kit. Do small tile jobs easier with a manual ceramic tile cutter, just score snap and break. DIY and large format tile wet saws are just a click away.
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Electric tile strippers make floor preparation even easier. At ConstructionComplete, you'll find a wide selection of tile setting tools and equipment from trusted brands. Shop the available tile installation tools below.
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We at ConstructionComplete.com always aim to find the exact match between the material to be cut, the tile cutting machine and the diamond blade that will work the best and last the longest. When you work with ceramic marble, granite and even porcelain tile, it goes without saying that precision cutting is needed for guaranteed excellent end results on the job site. Many of these tile saws are developed for professional use packed with durably and always designed to be portable. See a full array of wet saw features ready to boost your productivity the next time you cut tile. Minimizing setup time of a tile cutting saw always means maximizing productive time when using it. Lots of the saws featured online are capable of performing a diagonal cut on a 24" x 24" tile and come can even execute a 34" Rip Cut. With tiles getting bigger all the time more tile saw sizing is needed for more jobs these days. A plunge cut feature on a granite saw makes it easy to execute V-Cap cuts and cut-outs for electrical wall sockets. Lots of the saw models featured here come with a removable table extension to easily place large format. Be sure to keep your diamond blades cool with focused water control and placement. These ranges of wet saws are constructed to withstand the toughest conditions any contractor will experience when doing a tile job. When you are choosing a tile saw, the choice is not always easy. Be sure to think of your typical job type and base your selection of the need and level of the power, portability, and features you will ultimately save time and money having. You need to be sure that every cut you make will be straight and true all the time. ConstructionComplete.com line of saws provide the designs, styles and features that cover these demands and offer lots models to meet every home owner or contractor’s needs.