Vinyl and Linoleum Tools

Vinyl and linoleum are very popular flooring types. You can find a complete line up of great linoleum and vinyl flooring tools in this category. Select from a wide range of vinyl welding equipment including guns, trimmers, vinyl groovers, seam cutters and portable vinyl cutters online at at great prices, every day! Cut vinyl and linoleum faster and easier than ever before.
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These Vinyl and Linoleum cutters cut tiles straight. It gives the exactness requested by experts. The straightness of cut is industrial facility calibrated before shipment, which is basic for correctly coordinating edges in pattern work. The cutter additionally has a self-measuring floor guide for rehash cuts at the wall. Position the floor guide against the edge of the last field tile, at that point slide the tile to be cut underneath the cutting edge and all the way up against the wall. At the point when the tile is cut, the width cut off is naturally the sum expected to cover the rest of the subfloor. This Vinyl and Linoleum cutter additionally has built in low-profile blade height alteration knobs that provide quick and simple modification. As the most compact hot-air hand tool, the low weight ensures high-powered, fatigue-free welding. If you have any questions about our vinyl welding tools, don't hesitate to contact us!